• Tuition covers all of the classroom materials that your child will use on a daily basis.

  • If Little Eden takes the children on a field trip, it will be covered by tuition.

  • In every single classroom, we provide a low student-teacher ratio so your child will get the attention that they need and deserve.

  • We have a garden in our Outdoor Learning Environment! Your child will help us maintain the garden and also learn how to treat it. In the tuition, we provide gardening supplies so you don’t have to!

  • We offer enrichment classes! Some examples of these classes are yoga, gymnastics, music, dancing, and much more!

  • ALL snacks and lunches are prepared daily with the children. As much as possible, foods are locally sourced, organic, and an emphasis on unprocessed, wholesome foods.

  • YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO PAY OUT OF POCKET FOR ANYTHING. We want every single child to get the same experience.

  • A portion of your tuition goes into a fund called “tuition assistance.”

There are a few things that are not included in tuition, but it’s a requirement that your child brings to class:

  • Rain suit (examples: muddy buddy, rain pants, and rain coat)

  • Muck Boots (examples: rain boots, shoes that can get muddy and are easy to take on and off)

  • Nap blanket (if child still naps.)